TensorFlow 2.0 Testing

Update: 20180228 TensorFlow Probability is now working with the nightly builds.

Today, it was announced that TensorFlow 2.0 preview is available to download and test. I figured I had a few simple projects that use it that I would try and install and see if my results are any different.

Well, I found a bug(ish). I created a ticket and it was quickly solved. It turns out that Windows is dumb and has a limit on how long a file can be. In Win32, this made sense. Today, not so much. After a registry change and a reboot I was up and running. Great work from the TensorFlow team and bad work on the Windows developers. Ha.

Here is what I did:
Created a new environment called ‘tf_daily’ to handle all test: conda create -n tf_daily python=3.6
Activate the environment: activate tf_daily
Install the daily build: pip install tf-nightly-2.0-preview
Install the daily probability library: pip install tfp-nightly
Install pandas: pip install pandas
Install Seaborn: pip install seaborn
Install the plugin to allow me to use this environment: conda install nb_conda

We will see how all of my testing goes. My guess is that I will have some classes get moved around on me.

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