Learning TensorFlow: Setting up the Environment

I am going to create a series of myself going through the TensorFlow training. My ultimate goal is to be better using the framework and expand beyond RL.

First, I had to create a new environment (tf_current) so that I won’t break my other projects that are NOT using TensorFlow 1.12. To do that I ran the following commands from the Anaconda 3.3 prompt:

conda create -n tf_current python=3.6

After that I had to download the latest TensorFlow version:

pip install tensorflow

I had to install a plugin that would allow the Juypter Notebook to change kernels

conda install nb_conda

Once I did that I had new entries in the start menu for both (root) and (tf_current). But, since Windows hates me the links don’t work because the length of the shortcut text. It doesn’t matter because I can load the normal Jupyter Notebook and when I select “New” I can select the tf_current environment.


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