YouTube: Binary Classification

Video 1: Binary Classification.

In this video I walk through a side project I worked on for a friend. I took 8 games worth of football plays and tried to predict the next play. It was interesting to work from scratch on a project like this. In the end I was pretty happy with how it turned out. We will see next fall if it adds any real value though!

Learning TensorFlow: Research and Experimentation

The second set of tutorials are titled “Research and Experimentation”. They cover eager execution (which is default in TFv2), Automatic differentiation, custom training, and custom layers.

Eager Execution and Automatic Differentiation: Research-EagerExecution.ipynb

Custom Training, Layers, and Testing: Research-EagerExecution.ipynb


YouTube: My First Video

YouTube Channel!!

After getting shot down for a video creation job I decided the best way to fix that was to start creating videos for YouTube. They won’t be as professional but they will help me get used to being on camera and using the editing tools.

For my tools, I used PowerPoint for my slides, OBS Studio for video capture, and  Lightworks to create the videos. I have never used OBS or Lightworks before so there was a slight learning curve.

OBS was a little clunky because I wasn’t able to use my secondary monitor. Had my primary video card had both monitors plugged in it wouldn’t have been an issue. So, my work around was to swap my screens in PowerPoint and hide the start bar.

I had used Camtasia for my interview process and Lightworks was very similar. At least enough that I could figure it out. Plus, (big surprise) there are TONS of online videos on how to use it.

What a great time to be alive. With very little money I am able to create blog posts, publish code, create videos, interact online, and many more things to demonstrate my abilities. I don’t need to have an actual job to get experience.