500lb Deadlift PR

500lb Deadlift


I changed up my workout on January 7th of this year to something called Greasing the Groove by Soviet strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline. The idea is that you train as often as possible while still being fresh as possible. You don’t do your typical workout where you wipe out the muscle and your central nervous system.

For me, that is training every day during the week but only doing 2 sets of 5 at a weight that I can do 10 times. For Deadlift, this is 315 and bench press it is 225. I get a little stress from them but I am never sore so I can pick back up the next day. One nice side effect is that I don’t have great grip strength and doing 2×5 at 315 pushes my grip so that is getting better as well.

This workout is perfect for me at my age (38) and goals. I don’t need some crazy CrossFit style workout. First, I don’t need that intensity for what I need to accomplish. More power to those people but that isn’t for me. Second, I need to have a workout that will be able to go with me through life.


I didn’t max out before I started but I was probably at 425×3 which comes out to a max of about 450. In March (10 weeks in), I got 455×4 which is calculated at 496. But, with multiple reps I do tend to get a little bounce at the bottom. Now, at 17 weeks, I hit a single rep of 500.

Bench Press

With bench, I can’t do the same comparisons since I was using dumbbells up until recently. When I started I was doing 240×6 and at week 10 I did that same weight 8 times which comes out to about 288lbs. Since I don’t have to worry about getting stuck under the weight with this workout I switched to traditional bench press. I have only gotten 300lbs once and that was in college when I was doing some crazy bench workout that was designed to only grow your max. Last week I easily hit 315. I could maybe put on an extra 10 pounds.


My goals for the future are to hit 550 on deadlift and 350 on bench by my birthday in August (~18 weeks). It is a pretty large jump at these weights for my age/body. I assume that I will need to up my current workout weight since I am getting stronger.

Here is the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/nwPp1kZV_4c

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