Google Cloud: Static Web Site

Previously, I had my web site hosted on Azure with my DNS held at GoDaddy. These were fine UNTIL I lost my free credits. Once that happened I was getting charged ~$50/month for my site. Since I don’t really do anything with it (besides a place to host files for my mobile apps) I didn’t want to pay for it.

Fast forward a year and I was messing around with hosting a trained TFv2 model in the AI-Engine. I would then interface with that model for a gambling web site I am messing around with. I get into this in a later post but it didn’t go well.

While I was in the Google Cloud console I started to look at hosting my web site. I saw that I can deploy to a bucket and then have DNS redirect.

Following this page I went to work.

First, I created a bucket that is named after my site. I then downloaded the files from Azure and uploaded them to the bucket. I changed the permissions and we were off an running.

Second, I needed to get my DNS moved so that I could just type in and it would redirect. This was a few more steps but I had to go to GoDaddy and “unlock” my domain. After that was done I could set up a transfer. Finally, I was able to import it to Google.

Third, I needed to create the CNAME entries so that DNS would know how to direct it. This took a bit to refresh but in the end it worked just fine.

Finally, since I am a developer and I like to automate, I followed this page on how to set up a trigger so that every time I committed to GitHub it would deploy to Google.

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