Introducing FishButler!

At the start of the summer I wanted to do something that would keep my nephew (13) and daughter (11) productive and off of YouTube or Fortnite. My plan was to create a fairly simple Android application that they could help me with and get published before they went back to school. FishButler is that application.

I threw them into the deep end with full test coverage (unit and user) and source control. For testing, I used the built in testing frameworks in Android Studio. I had them create branches and tags and pull requests in GitHub to make sure they got to experience source control. I wanted them to get the full development life-cycle.

To get started, I took a day off of work and had them sit around a table with their computers and we had a mini hackathon. After that they went on their ways and handled the GitHub tasks I assigned them.

My nephew had done some intro programming but nothing at this level. My daughter had done nothing more than watching me. To help, I created 10 documents that covered coding standards as well as Git commands. For their tasks I did a fairly detailed write-up that they could see a high level overview of the step and then the commands to do them.

In the future, I would like to add some image recognition software and add in some other external items like Maps and reports. I will also have them do some more open ended research tasks to get a better feel of Android as a whole.

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