GDG Denver: RL Talk

I am giving a Reinforcement Learning at the GDG Denver group. I decided to upgrade my RL notebooks to TF2 and then add some of the TF agents stuff that was announced at Google I/O. As always, this is hosted on my GitHub page

Here is a quick rundown of how I set up the environment to convert my Jupyter Notebooks to TF v2.

Using my old post, to create an environment with a few changes since TF v2 is in beta now.

Commands to setup the environment:

conda create -n gdg_denver python=3.6
activate gdg_denver
pip install tensorflow==2.0.0-beta1
pip install pandas
pip install seaborn
pip install gym
conda install nb_conda

Commands to launch the notebooks:

jupyter notebook

Since I am pretty straight forward in my usage of TF and Keras there wasn’t much to change. Nothing changes as far as ‘import tensorflow as tf‘ goes but we do have to change where we get Keras. That is now ‘from tensorflow import keras

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