Prairie.Code Talk

Last week I gave my RL talk to the attendees of Prairie.Code. It did not go well.

The talk should really be 90 minutes and the reviews showed that people agreed. There was too much dense data that I needed to slow down and really cover in more detail.

I don’t think I will continue to do the talk as I have hit most local talks but if I do decide to give it again I need to expand on the base Q Learner and make sure that is understood.

My plan now is to create a talk about deploying models to the cloud. I want to get into the AI Engine and Tensorflow.js and how they work in the ecosystem.

I would also like to dig into MineRL and maybe use that as the engine to speak more on RL.

Anyway, I went in feeling rushed and I should have followed my gut and fixed it. Hopefully, it doesn’t keep me from speaking again.

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