Skynet w/ Raspberry Pi: SD Setup

This is the second entry in my 8 part series on adding some object detection to my Raspberry Pi.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: SD Card Setup
Part 3: Pi Install
Part 4: Software
Part 5: Raspberry Pi Camera
Part 6: Installing TensorFlow
Part 7: MobileNetV2
Part 8: Conclusion


In this section I am going to get the Raspberry Pi set up and ready to work. To do that I will be following this guide.

SD Card

I am going to set up the SD card using NOOBS to install Raspbian. I am on Windows so I will need to follow those instructions.

64GB Card

One thing to note, I had an 8GB card but with the NOOBS install and full Raspbian it wouldn’t work. Luckily, I had an unopened 64GB card. Unfortunately, this is an issue as anything over 32GB is an SDXC card and needs to be installed using exFAT. The Pi bootloader only recognizes FAT filesystems.

This requires me to partition my card into 2 32GB chunks.

This was a nightmare.

I don’t know if it was Windows or what but each card I used was listed as write-protected. I did some searches trying to undo this and found How To Recover that listed multiple ways to resolve my issue. was sent to download HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool. This took quite a while to complete and it didn’t work. I then had the idea to format using a camera hoping that it was a Windows things. Turns out, the plastic holder for the SD card had the write-protect slide set. Yikes.

Once that was done I was able to partition using FAT32.

Step 1: Download NOOBS. Since I last set up a Pi 3+ years ago I need to install this again. [Link]
Step 2: Download the SD Formatter for Windows [Link] and install it
Step 3: Run the application and format the SD card
Step 4: Copy all of the extracted NOOBS files onto the SD card


That is all we have to do with the SD card to start. The next post will be getting the Raspberry Pi set up and ready to run.


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