Skynet w/ Raspberry Pi: MobileNetV2

This is the seventh entry in my 8 part series on adding some object detection to my Raspberry Pi.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: SD Card Setup
Part 3: Pi Install
Part 4: Software
Part 5: Raspberry Pi Camera
Part 6: Installing TensorFlow
Part 7: MobileNetV2
Part 8: Conclusion


In this section I am going to cover MobileNetV2. This is a built in model in Keras that with a single setting I can have it be fully trained on ImageNet.


Using this model pre-trained on ImageNet couldn’t be any easier. I just set the ‘weights’ parameter to ‘ImageNet’ and I am off and running. It did take me some time to figure out WHAT images were used based on the labels but after that it was easy as can be.


Not much in this post since it was so simple!


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