Heartland Developers Conference Talk


This is a version of my talk about adding some image detection onto the Raspberry Pi. For the Paris talk, I only had 20 minutes and for GDG Denver I had 90 but didn’t use all of it so this length should be about right.

TensorFlow Lite

Since I had some extra time I was able to implement TensorFlow Lite on the Raspberry Pi. I went to the TF Quickstart [Link] page and since I had already converted the Keras model into a tflite model I only needed the interpreter. This allowed me to not have to have the full TF install*.

*I still used the Keras preprocessing and decoding methods that came with the MobileNetV2 model. I probably should have not done that but at this point I don’t think it matters as much. Maybe in the future I will do ONLY TF Lite.


Original Blog Series: Here
Meetup: https://www.heartlanddc.com/
Code: Main, MobileNetV2Base, and PiCameraManager
Presentation: ImageDetection/HDC.pptx

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