NumerAI: Week 6

My sixth week allowed me to do a little work. I was able to work on the eras but I got terrible results so I will need to spend more time on that.

Current Results

Here are my current standings after round 261

Validation Sharpe0.636314.97%
Validation Corr0.016020.05%
Validation FNC0.011232.74%
Corr + MMC Sharpe0.512411.01%
MMC Mean0.004175.73%
Corr With Example Preds0.4026
Diagnostic Results (These stay the same until they change the validation records)

2564/210.04590.00510.0005 (4.59%)28th
2574/280.06780.00140.0007 (6.78%)23rd
Round Summary

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